Ghost Little Shared Universe Wiki


Ghost Little's development dates back to 2011 with the publication of the short story, The Stonecutter (original art: right). Since then, it has become a gigantic effort to create independent writing and publication. The journey from that first story and the wealth of knowledge gathered while developing five distinct stories (and endless thrown-out ideas) has necessitated a wiki to house the history of each piece.

Learn about each story's background inspiration, production history, and development. Explore the iterations of the stories' settings and characters, including abandoned projects and ideas. Some of the stories include terminology and world-knowledge, you can explore the deeper details here on the Wiki.

Production history

The stories all have stories. What is the story's high-altitude idea and summary? Where did the ideas come from? How were they developed and inspired? How quick was the process? What are the characters named after? Find these answers in the Production history at the top of the column on the right or via the links below.

1) The Scarlet Tenant

2) The King North of the Sky

3) The Diffused States of America

4) Godsource

5) Suns Go Dark

Ghost Little's free books principle

This is independent production at its most base form. With enough support, we can use a piece of to convince the world there's an optimistic futre worth reaching toward. All we have now are free books. Someday, we might be able to charge for low-cost digital books. Cheap ebooks are a stepping stone: the final, end-game objective is sincere, independent, physical productions of what's being written here today.

A real book, born out of community support, with a real goal.

While that's likely a long way off, especially with a workforce of one hammering away on the keyboard, that's the goal. And there's a plan.

Technique and style

Through the years, Ghost Little develoepd a certain, pronounced style for writing and storycraft. On top of that, several tools were used to track the ideas and stories. Learn how it all comes together in Technique and style.

Soon, characters, vocabulary, and future developments. Learn how the style was developed and the tools were used.

Like everything, the wiki is a constant work-in-progress. Come back often to find updates.