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Ages ago, when the world only knew of the iPhone 4, or 4S, perhaps, people would ask you for your ideas in an elevator pitch. A whole elevator ride? You have the person trapped in a box with you for roughly 10-30 seconds? And the only thing they can do is listen to you describe something?

Those jerks had it lucky. Try writing arresting Facebook page copy for a visitor who already has extra browser tabs open, their phone vibrating with text alerts, and the Spotify app open to a song they like, but don't LOVE.

Mine was a remarkable exercise. Here's how to write for your Facebook Business-page...

Facebook Business Page Blurbs Are Short Form Advertising


This page's words serve a simple purpose: tell the visitor what Ghost Little is. With more time, or a more attentive audience, I could go into greater detail. I have neither of those things though. How to write the content clearly and concisely?

I created four sentences totaling 90 characters. That's far less than a 140 character tweet. That's enough to grab at the visitor's attention, even if they are bouncy-balling around Facebook. Let's break each sentence down.

Ghost Little is a book series.

This is what it is. If somebody asked you to describe football, the first words out of your mouth would be, "football is a sport." God help you as you describe the rest, but that's where you'd begin.

The books are connected.

This is important. I may re-write this, considering it's a little too redundant with the prior sentence. If we were just told this was a book series, it's to be expected they are connected. Knowing how to write critical information in compact sentences is a learned skill, mine was tested here.

They span genre.

Following the ideas that this is a book series, the fact that the books span genre is notable. If I were to update this, I'd specify that each book occupies a different genre. I knew how to write ideas down in long form, but when it all came down to it, this was all I needed to say.

Find your way in.

I love this. I wrestled with the idea of specifying that the books are digital, or independent, or self-published. How to write this, exactly? Simply: it didn't need any of those things. The fact that they are digital can be assumed in 2016. The moment the visitor finds their way to the download page, they will understand this. The fact that I state they are independently or self-published does not add authenticity. These are stories that simply ARE. If the audience wants to categorize them as "indie" that's fine.

While I will sometimes use terms like "independent" or "self-publish" for the sake of SEO, it isn't a self-identifier I would hang my hat on.

This is a good first stab. I'm glad the Facebook page has been successfully created. I will need to update them soon.

-- Alex Crumb
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