Neill Blomkamp and Oats Studios Shows Us the Future's Netflix Alternative

Written by: Alex Crumb | Follow on: Twitter, Facebook

Published: Aug 23, 2017 12:00:00 PM

rakka-oats-studios-monster.pngI've been systematically informing the YouTube recommendation algorithm that I never want to watch any video posted by anyone with the word "angry" in their username. You can imagine how neckbeards have fallen to my sword of disinterest. You can imagine a little harder, and figure there's not a drill-bit sharp enough to bore through all that toxic content. Sunlight will never find these deserving motherfuckers.

Too much content is created out of a desire to be heard, instead of a desire to know and be known. Too much content is about other content, this very post of mine included (which is why I write free books to read online during my nights and weekends).

To be blunt, the internet's content, the perpetual doggo chasing its tail, has now deep-throated the thing and is molars-deep into its own ass, ignorant to the ashy flavor. The dominant moods on the most popular content platforms are psychosis, shrieking, and self-preservation.

But with a little class, we can push beyond the slick, post-content Netflix alternative environment into something more honest and weird. So, how did Blomkamp do...?

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Video Games vs. Netflix: Alternative Entertainment For Busy Adults

Written by: Alex Crumb | Follow on: Twitter, Facebook

Published: Jun 22, 2017 12:00:00 PM

IMG_20170615_155611_853.jpgThe modern world demands we manage our time. When you sit in a tiny room opposite a person interviewing you for a job, they're going to ask you how well you'll deal with the demands of time.

It's a matter of allocation and prioritization. This demand seeps over into our off-work hours, namely, that the modern world will offer fewer of those hours, if you can even manage to distinguish them.

Enter: Netflix. The bullet that killed broadcast TV. It's still "television," but it's on-demand streaming. Of course, if Netflix killed TV for busy adults, how will the upcoming Netflix Alternative manifest, meaning, what'll kill Netflix?

Conjecture: video games. Why? Because they invite agency.

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Reexamining BioShock Infinite: Are Walking Simulators Our Netflix Alternative?

Written by: Alex Crumb | Follow on: Twitter, Facebook

Published: Jun 5, 2017 12:00:00 PM


It took no time at all during my recent replay of BioShock Infinite on PS4 to realize how far and how fast not only the video game industry has traveled in four years, but all of entertainment.

Storytelling can be splashed on countless new mediums. New audiences have opened up. The so-called "walking simulator" genre—think Gone Home or Life Is Strange—present painfully honest, human storytelling to breed a potential Netflix alternative. 

And AAA-video game like BioShock Infinite signal that not all interactive world-making will lean so hard on murder as their interface method...

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The Netflix Alternative — What Comes Next?

Written by: Alex Crumb | Follow on: Twitter, Facebook

Published: May 25, 2017 12:00:00 PM

netflix-nav.gifReaching back, I recall my first encounter with Netflix. My fiendish college roommate was renting and returning DVDs from the service as quickly as he could, keeping them only as long as it took to copy the movies onto blank discs. Oh, the malice (/s).

Considering we didn't have access to cable TV and the nearest Wal-Mart was a 60-minute drive from our college, could you blame us for embracing an alternative, cost-effective, non-multi-camera sitcom entertainment model?

Flash to today and we're left to wonder: if Netflix was formerly the alternative to all that, what'll be the Netflix alternative? What comes next...?

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Studies Show TV and Movie Characters Named "Daniel," "Danny," and "Dan" are the Worst

Written by: Alex Crumb | Follow on: Twitter, Facebook

Published: Aug 1, 2016 12:00:00 PM

danny-tanner-bob-saget-full-house.pngSomething happened in the 1980s and 1990s. The name "Daniel" became synonymous with "jack-bag" in TV and movies.

Why this happened is a question researchers have not yet unearthed from humanity's own darkened history. We can only examine the evidence of this plague.

I fear this study will only summon further questions. But you must learn from history, lest you be doomed to repeat it...

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