Published: Jun 10, 2016 12:00:00 PM

time-travel-resized-600.pngTaking a look around planet earth’s current economic climate, you may notice skills in traditional, detached, consumerism remain coveted. Selling a smartphone app that simulates a fidget spinner is a responsible financial investment in 2017.

Time requires recognition. We need weeks and months. We need weekends and birthdays. We need start dates, end dates, buzzer-beaters, and summer haircuts.

When did we lose the ability to rest?

We deserve to celebrate in life.

Without signifiers, we cannot win. Modern technology has enabled us to keep up work from all locations, perhaps not to maximum efficiency, but it maintains a presence. There is no incapable moment. There must be an end. We need self-assessment. We need to shower off and move on.

We must celebrate milestones and new creativity.

But advancing the human species' harmony through unique art and creation, with an eye on the future, won't yield a sure return on investment for Q3 2018. A publisher may not understand that free books are free, and the real offer on the table for customers is the shared community the free books create. Straying from those trappings in pursuit of passionate creativity is often despised by the wealthy, condemned as incalculable, and smartly-dodged wastefulness. High-fives around for dodging that bullet—what a thrill!

If you're a person that thrives on impassioned creation though, you likely don’t feel that same jackal-cackling rush when something misunderstood is avoided. You’d probably like to hold onto your personal motivation and sense of self poured into your work.

And maybe make some money, so you can heat your food up? Listen close.

You'll work. Your reward, your thanks, will be either happiness or money because passionate creativity is despised, unless it can be leveraged.

You'll be stuffed and set on a shelf. This is the trial of taxidermy.

One more question: have you perhaps not lived five years, and rather, lived the same year five times? That happens. While there is some maturity that'll kick in over the course of months and years, your world-knowledge became a weird pyramid block. How do you drag this stone and where exactly does it fit now?

We mimic trendsetters and movie stars while still punching rivets into this skyscraper society that demands servitude to bloated shitstacks that couldn't buy their way into artistic creativity with a comically-impossible, golf course-sized check for one killion dollars (that's a number so big, it kills ya).

This is why you must outmaneuver the system and channel your innate ability into something that makes money. Free books don't make money until the patrons demand the artist is so valuable that they must continue to exist.

What color do you dream in? How do you engage the memories summoned when you smell cut grass, cheap coffee, rain on rock, or your partner’s hoodie? When were you taught this skill?

It isn't a doubt of legitimacy, it's a matter of housing your work within four walls, somewhere on this earth. Without that, it’s an idea, which is tough to pitch.

Watchful systems of deceptive efficiency perched atop and within computer monitors like a Game of Thrones raven to assure an employer is wringing your labor for all its worth, for as little as possible. They’d pay you less if you could, and even less than that if you’re a woman. An entire crime syndicate rooted in continuing their ratified subsistence devalues your inarguable happiness in resignation to their downtrodden middle-management.

If we are constantly going to be "doing," there need to be milestones to signify what we've done. It encourages growth. Repetition is one element of mastery. It is not the only element.

Give yourself a break. Mark a calendar as a victory.

-- Alex Crumb
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