Every Day Is Exactly The Same (May 15)

How Are You Coping?

Suns Go Dark - Part 2

Literally Anything Else

Suns Go Dark - Part 1

Godsource - Part 3

Godsource - Part 2

Godsource - Part 1

The Diffused States of America - Part 3

The Diffused States of America - Part 2

The Diffused States of the America - Part 1

The King North of the Sky - Part 3

The King North of the Sky - Part 2

I Ate The Same Three Meals, Every Day, For A Year

The King North of the Sky - Part 1

The Scarlet Tenant - Part 3

It Was A Bad Idea Letting Me Get Good At Something

The Scarlet Tenant - Part 2

My Dog Knows All The Sounds I Make

The Scarlet Tenant - Part 1

Something Must Be Done About The Size Of My Brain

The Cowardice of Bad Writing

Plot Twists Are Stupid

This Had Better Be Good

We Are Never Taught to Draft and Iterate Our Work

The Sincerity of Simple Writing, in Business and in Life

Being Paid More is the Ultimate Diversity and Inclusion

Unhitching From Our Usual Tethers

Devil May Cry 4 Turns 10 Years Old

Burnout Paradise Turns 10 Years Old

The Silver, the Brass, the Blood, and the Chorus—Part 6

The Silver, the Brass, the Blood, and the Chorus—Part 5

The Silver, the Brass, the Blood, and the Chorus—Part 4

The Silver, the Brass, the Blood, and the Chorus—Part 3

The Silver, the Brass, the Blood, and the Chorus—Part 2

The Silver, the Brass, the Blood, and the Chorus—Part 1

9 Ways You Can Begin Purging Your Internet Addiction

The First Thing You Consider When Selling Your Content

Neill Blomkamp and Oats Studios Shows Us the Future's Netflix Alternative

Writing Free Books to Read Online: Stories that Break Status Quo

Writing Free Books to Read Online: How to Write Two Protagonists

Writing Free Books to Read Online: Creating Science Fiction Rules

Writing Free Books to Read Online: Science Fiction Protagonist Role Models

Writing Free Books to Read Online: How to Outline a Sci-Fi Story

The Dark Tower is a Masterclass in How to Write About Yourself

Counteract Movie Franchises With Free Books to Read Online

How to Write a Short Novel in 25 Days

How DCEU and Universal Botched the Shared Universe

The Best Summer Movies no. 6: DREDD 3D (2012)

The Free Books to Read Online This Summer Thru Amazon Kindle Store

Video Games vs. Netflix: Alternative Entertainment For Busy Adults

Ghost Little is Writing Free Books to Read Online

How to Write a 500-Word Long Blog Post in 45 Minutes

Free Books to Read Online From the Amazon Kindle Store This Summer

7 Plot Tropes to Avoid in Original Fiction Writing

Why Original Fiction is the Shared Universe Counter-Argument

The Best Summer Movies no. 5: DIE HARD WITH A VENGEANCE

Reexamining BioShock Infinite: Are Walking Simulators Our Netflix Alternative?

Free Books on Amazon Kindle Store Worth Reading

Free Books: Pursuing Independent Publishing

The Marketable Allure of a Shared Universe

How Best to Spend Your Federal Holiday

Indie Free Books Will Rise From AT&T and Comcast's Greed

The Netflix Alternative — What Comes Next?

5 Inbound Marketing and Sales Tactics for Promoting Your Art (If That's Your Business)

The Best Free Books in the Amazon Kindle Store

Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment is a Secret Ninja Gaiden Tribute on Nintendo Switch

Free Books and the Democratization of Popular Culture

All That "Mario Kart" in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is Ruining the Race

Yes, You Should Outline Writing Projects (all of 'em!)

How to Write a Rockstar Job Rec and Hire Secret Agent Employees

The 108 Truths You Realize When the Clock Strikes 5 PM on Friday

Mystery Science Theater 3000 and the Razor-fine Art of Tasteful Mockery

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Has No Plot

The Kentucky Derby is a Race for the Dead

2017 Fast & Furious Character Power Rankings (Or, Fate of the Furious)

Wait, Who is The Last Guardian? (Or, Review the Evidence)

The "LIKE & SUBSCRIBE!" Shared Universe

A Lonely Confession of Incompatible Passions (Or, Blow on the Dice)

Tracer and Overwatch's Queer Triumph (Or, Wrong All Along)

2016 is Death (Or, Confidence Reclaim'd in 2017)

The Nintendo Switch Back (Or, Adult Recess at Low Volume)

Time Enough to Properly Judge Westworld (Or, Hotbox the Hurt Locker)

TV and Movies That Did More Harm Than Good (Or, Praying at the Church of lulz)

The Best and Worst Holiday Impulse Buys (Or, The Glass Kiss)

Missing Family at Thanksgiving (Or, Obligation's Jailhouse)

Phone Photography in Public (Or, Embarrassment's Precocious Grandkid)

Tapping Your Memory for Creativity (Or, Maple Syrup Shared Universe)

Share This Post (Or, Your Brain's Un-rung Bell)

Simplifying the Supermarket (Or, How to Stop Rumors and Plaque)

Resident Evil 6 | A Capcom PlayStation 4 Review (Or, Growing Up Wrong)

The Commute Will Never Die (Or, The Cursed Ledger of Solidarity and Envy)

Overcoming Monotasking Anxiety (Or, A Hairless Paintbrush)

7 Similarities You or I Could Share With a 2020 Presidential Candidate

The Diffused States of America - Chapter 2 v2.01 - Deleted Passages

The Honesty and Clarity of Self-Destruction, in Business and in Life

Destiny: Rise of Iron is a Preview of What Destiny 2 Might be Like

Jimmy Fallon is a Comedy-Traitor

The Guide to Ghost Little's Shared Universe of Novels

Asking a Millennial: What's a Cool Car Look Like?

Our Golden Age of Television Makes us Rely on Friends' Recommendations

Which Types Of Websites Have The Worst Pop-Up Ads?

Ranking the Insane Names of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Characters

Destiny: Rise of Iron Could be a Short Expanion

Why Is Self-Promoting Your Work So Difficult?

What Did The Millennials Ruin?

The NFL Wants All Your Money And Colin Kaepernick Was Right

3 Reasons Why Summer Ending And Fall Beginning Is The Best Season Change

4 Directors' Secret Shared Universe of Films That Probably Exist

The Guide to Ghost Little's Independent Free Book Samples

Don't Hate DmC Devil May Cry For Being Beautiful

3 Simple Topics to Elevate Small Talk at Work and Parties

If You're Disappointed With No Man's Sky, Try Xenoblade Chronicles X

Using Free Books to Welcome Loyal Readers

What Would it Take for a PS4 Monster Hunter Game to be Successful?

Simple Answers no. 12: Why doesn't Hollywood make original movies anymore?

How To Write About: Likable Characters

Simple Answers no. 11: Why does August feel like the slowest month in the summer?

The Best Podcast For: Determining Who Would Win In A Fight

Promote Your Writing With Free Books to Read Online

What Makes The Avengers Shared Universe Movies More Popular?

Simple Answers no. 10: Why is Suicide Squad getting so much hate?

Are Short Paragraphs Better Than Long Paragraphs?

Studies Show TV and Movie Characters Named "Daniel," "Danny," and "Dan" are the Worst

How to Download Free Novels to Kindle or iPhone

Star Trek Beyond's Plot is a Middle Finger to Isolation and Pessimism

Simple Answers no. 9: Why do websites write clickbait article headlines?

How To Write About Creative Process

The Best Summer Movies no. 4: ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 (1973) | A John Carpenter film

Preparing Your Free Books For Distribution

Are Hats Actually Really Stupid? An Investigation!

Best Of 2016's First Half: OVERWATCH

The Best Summer Movies no. 3: REAR WINDOW | An Alfred Hitchcock film

Simple Answers no. 8: Why do people hate Pokemon Go?

Why Didn't They Make Monster Hunter Generations For PS4 and Xbox One?

5 More Examples Of Why Short Sentences Are Better Than Long Sentences In Business Writing

5 Vital Examples Of Why Short Sentences Are Better Than Long Sentences

The Best Summer Movies no. 2: THE WARRIORS | A Walter Hill Film

Simple Answers no. 7: Why is it all bad news in the summer time?

The Best Summer Movies no. 1: HEAT | A Michael Mann Film

Hawking Free Books: Work On DIFFUSED STATES Chapter Two Begins

Whiny Questions, Simple Answers no. 6: Why Does Zack Snyder Get To Keep Directing Movies?

How Anonymity Still Hurts Online Writing

Small Tips For Updating Your Blog Style Guide

What Is The Difference Between A Writer And A Blogger?

Whiny Questions, Simple Answers no. 5: Wait, Why Do People Love The Marvel Movies So Much?

Differences in Batman V Superman Ultimate Cut Explained | Zack Snyder Movie Review

Isolationism Is Death: A Brexit Response

Using Free Books as an Inbound Offer

Free Books to Read Online as a Self-Promotional Marketing Tool

Between Game of Thrones And Mr. Robot, We Watch A Lot Of Intense TV

Whiny Questions, Simple Answers no. 4: Why Is Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Special? It's Copying Skyrim!

How To Write Facebook Business-Page Copy

Testing The Dan Harmon Story Circle

How To Write About The Election On Social Media

Writer's Block Is A Myth

Whiny Questions, Simple Answers no. 3: Why Do They Keep Making Bad Videogame Movies Like Warcraft?

Free Books: Time's Passing Requires Milestones

Hypothetical: What If George Lucas Died In 1990 Instead Of Jim Henson?

Launching And Iterating Is Perfection

Whiny Questions, Simple Answers no. 2: Why Does Overwatch Have Microtransactions And RNG Loot Boxes?

What Do Random People Know About Muhammad Ali?

A Seahorse, A Praying Mantis, And A Penguin Walk Into A Bar

Joss Whedon Only Wants To Save The World, He Doesn't Want To Change It

How Bad Media Marketing Is Ruining A Generation

Unfinished Video Game Micro-Reviews: Monster Hunter 3, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Max Payne 3, and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Whiny Questions, Simple Answers no. 1: Why Is Overwatch Praised More Than Battleborn And Star Wars Battlefront?

Speaking In Tongues: Making Sense Of The Internet's Weird, Sad Twin-Language

How To Write About Dread

How To Write About A Boring Topic

Free Books — Why Your Marketing Needs a Target Audience

What Are The Implications Of Amazon Echo, Google Home, And Other Voice-Activated Assistants?

The Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Trailer Is One Of The Most Disliked YouTube Videos In History, And That Doesn't Matter

Bayonetta Teaches Us How To Write About Sex-positive Women Characters In Video Games

How To Write About Geek Culture

Things To Do During Your Morning Commute On Public Transit

Why Shared Universe Stories Work

What's Going On In The DC Shared Universe Movies (Snyderverse)?

Building A Blog Style Guide

The Plan For Making Money Off Writing Cheap Ebooks

How To Write About Stuff That Annoys You

Every Instance, Actually, Of Mansplaining In Dan Brown's "INFERNO"

As It Turns Out, If You're A Good Marketer, You're A Good Tastemaker

What To Do When You Hate Something You've Written

Creating An Ebook File Compatible With Kindle And Google Play Books

How And Why To Catalog And Track Your Creative Writing Progress With A Personal Wiki

Industry Leaders Are Learning Nothing From Their Million-Dollar Cyber Attacks

How I Adopted A Corporate Athlete Method To Focus At Work And Recharge For Life

The Room Faced East

7.8.15 - Exceptional characters

The Only Perfect Destiny Review On The Internet

The Terrible, Epic Haircuts Of Destiny's Character Creator

The Avengers: A New Era Of Shared Universe Movies

Transcendence | Stupid Sci-Fi Movie Review

Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge | Nintendo Wii U review

The Best PS3 Games of the Generation (Alphabetical)

In Defense Of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Phrases And Memes That Need To Disappear From The Internet

Why Do People Like Breaking Bad So Much?

Why We Must Criticize Grand Theft Auto 5's Immaturity

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